Episode 18: Experiences in Non-Dualistic Thinking

Jer and Kirk are joined by Justin Byrne (from episode 6) and Jack Burgess (from episode 12) to explore their experiences with non-dualistic thinking. They work through what it is, how they began to be impacted by it and why it matters. The conversation hits spiritual, relationship and political subjects and they try to understand the nature and value of either/or (dualistic) with both/and (non-dualistic) thinking.

short preview

Where you can see what we all like. Stay to the end for a bit of Forest Gump as well.


If you want to explore this subject further check out these links to some of the resources they talk about in this episode.

Robcast: Episode 86: Richard Rohr and the Alternative Orthodoxy

The Liturgist Podcast: The Cosmic Christ with Richard Rohr. 

On Being: Living in Deep Time with Richard Rohr

Center for Action and Contemplation Daily Meditation on Non-Dualistic Thinking

You can also go to our resource page to find other books you may find helpful.




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